Deck the Halls

Christmas tree, my way.

The decoration was hanging on my tree. I saw it. I photographed it. I had my way with it. I turned a digital photograph into something that looks like a painting.

I think it works. Does it?

The more I look at it, the more it looks like one of those old-fashioned Christmas cards that my parents used to send during the holiday season. I think that they came in packs of ten for something like $4.99. Maybe less.

I told a friend of mine who I rediscovered through the wonders of Facebook, that between editing my archives and this being “the season” and all, I was on some kind of strange journey through my past. By the way, I grew up with that guy. His family lived across the street and about 6 houses down from mine. Now, THAT’s something.


This picture just feels old.



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