Supermoon Part Deaux

All around the world.

I forgot.

Yes, I forgot about the big supermoon. That is, until I went outside to do something and I looked up. I didn’t really have to look up. The moon was so big and so bright that it illuminated everything.

Armed with only my smart phone I took a couple of pictures. Most people can’t do much with a smart phone during a big natural event like this one. I’m one of those most people. The moon was either too small or the image was a technical nightmare.

I almost gave up.

I remembered that I have been experimenting and experimenting and experimenting in order to make my kind of art from just this kind of situation. So that’s what I did. I tinkered. I played. I messed with the picture. Until it became something that I liked. During my journey I discovered two things. Too much color and the final image looked silly. And, use some kind of canvas-like setting to hide the really big technical blemishes.

One more thing.

This is about general moon photography. It may be a good starting to point to photograph just the moon. But, nothing distinguishes that from any other moon picture. You really need to frame the picture with something, earth-bound or not. I probably went a little too extreme in that direction. It was what I could do at the time.

Bottom line. Don’t edit yourself in the field. Take the picture. If you aren’t messing around in post production like I do, you don’t have to share it if it didn’t work. Or, maybe the new saying is true. It didn’t happen unless you took a picture of it.

I’m sure that Ma Nature has a few words about that. Like… “here’s a hurricane out of season just because.”



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