Twinkle, Twinkle

You don’t always succeed.

Practice, practice, practice.

This one didn’t work. Yeah. Sure. The picture is fine. But, somewhere in all those little twinkles is a teeny-tiny moon. That’s what I was really going for. The moon. Can you see it? No? Even if you open this picture to its fullest size, it’s worse than “Where’s Waldo?” At least Waldo isn’t buried in color.

I’ll give you a hint. I know where the moon is in the picture because I took it. See that empty space in the right middle? It’s sort of greenish-blue with yellow wrapped around it. The moon is in the there. Somewhere.


The picture. I tried to photograph the moon poking through all of the almost bare tree branches. That didn’t really work, so I worked on the branches and the dusk sky in post production. I made a number of versions before I settled on this one. I made a lot of very bright orange and yellow versions. I liked them well enough. But, I wanted the blue in the night sky to be somewhat dominant. The problem with that is the yellow. It turned sort of greenish. Without making a couple of adjustment layers, I had to live with that. Making layers for a picture like this is a  little tricky. This isn’t the kind of picture that I wanted to spend a lot of time adjusting individual components.

Next time.



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