A little art.

Happy Thanksgiving.

For those of you who follow from other countries, Happy Thursday. Or Friday.

I made this picture from another picture. Which, in turn, was made for another picture. Sometimes I do that.

Sometimes I make typos. After all, perfection is for angels. I post a picture and write a little something every day. Holiday or not. Typos and other mistakes are bound to happen. In keeping with the holiday spirit, I’m thankful for that. It means that I’m human.

I’m pretty sure that if you work your way through my 7,000 or so posts you’ll find plenty of typos. I’m thankful for that, especially if you really take your time to read everything I wrote.

Sometimes, people try to make an impression by calling me out for a typo. On their very first or second comment to me. Sometimes they can’t let it go. That’s when I turn a human being into spam. I’m really thankful for that. It helps to keep the peace.

Before you think my thanks are about a kind of negativity, they are not. Here’s a challenge. List everything for which you are thankful. I mean everything. Don’t post them here. Hold them close. Then try to collapse them into themselves. I bet you’ll come up with the very same thing that I did.

I’m thankful for life itself. And, all that it implies.

Happy Thanksgiving.




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