Night Work

Another view of a common subject.

Something common.

One of my new readers commented that he liked my ability to make pictures from common subjects. I thanked him and let it go at that.

That I is one thing I’ve always worked to do. It’s not because these days I’m physically hurting a bit. I work through it. Or, because I don’t like to travel. I do.

It’s because I never thought that you had to take a long trip to take pictures. I never thought you had to be at an event to take a picture. I’ve done all that. And, I will again. Traveling is a good way to refresh yourself and your seeing.


I think that pictures are right outside your front door. Or, sometimes, even inside the house. You don’t have to wander far and wide to take a picture. In fact, when struggling photographers ask what to take pictures of, I usually say “your world.”

That said, this picture was made last night in the early evening. I originally made it one way — more like a photograph. I looked at again this morning and thought, “Meh, that won’t do.” So, I started tinkering.

This image is the result.


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