Into the clouds.

I tried. I really did.

New Orleans was at about 75% of the solar eclipse, yesterday. Unfortunately, we also had clouds and some rain. When I say that, don’t mistake it for total overcast. Or, a massive storm. Around here, one street has rain and clouds and the next one does not.


I went to the French Quarter. I thought it would be very cool to use the Quarter as a background for the eclipse. While I was waiting, I made a bunch of pictures. Mostly good daylight stock for one of my agencies. The time for the big event arrived. Seemingly nothing. Clouds were blocking most of the sun. I was listening to NPR’s radio broadcast. One of the moderators was talking about leaves functioning as a pinhole camera. Aha, I thought. I headed towards a leafy section of Jackson Square. No joy. There was just enough cloud cover for the light to look a little weird, but it wasn’t strong enough to create shadows through tree.

A lot of people in other places did make that picture. That is a lot better than a dot on your iPicture.

I took this picture of the sky and clouds. But, there is no moon and almost no sunlight of any kind. So… I used my new software to make another painting. If you can’t join ’em, beat ’em.

And, speaking of that. A friend of mine said my new approach and use of new software made yesterday’s image looked like a Turner, to which I replied, “Ted?” I knew who she meant, but probably like her I’ve always just called him, Turner. So, I Googled. Joseph Mallord William Turner. A mouthful.

Yes. My last two pictures do look a lot like this work.

She could have also meant Pete Turner. One of the fathers of modern color photography. Another legend. His work looks nothing like my latest.

I’ll show you some of the new French Quarter material in a couple of days. I’m letting it marinate. It’s going to look fairly straightforward since that’s what agencies can license.


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