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Summer at the Lake

In blue.

A summer day at the lake. A southern summer day. A New Orleans summer day.

A summer day in New Orleans that folks who aren’t from here probably never think about. They think about the French Quarter. Maybe Magazine Street. About parades. Mardi Gras. And, food. We have our peaceful places too.

This is one of them. Just about anywhere along Lake Ponchartrain. Sure, the lake can get pretty violent during a storm. It was storm surges from it that actually flooded New Orleans 12 years ago.

But, on a nice hot summer day with a little breeze blowing…

This picture is for Sunday. A peaceful Sunday. I thought that after yet another week of turmoil, presidential stupidity, protests and terrorist attacks, we could use something calming. If you open this picture up real big, and play some quiet music, I promise you’ll think you are some place else.



  1. A peaceful picture indeed. Lake Ponchartrain! What a strange name! I know of this lake because of a wonderful song by Lucinda Williams called ‘Lake Charles’. In it: ‘Did you run about as far as you could go/ Down the Louisiana highway/ Across Lake Pontchartrain…’ If I have time to live, I’m gonna make a road trip across the US following places and names from songs. 🙂

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