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Glowing after the rain.

Storm, after storm, after storm.

That’s what you get down here. The rainy season. Like many tropical or semi-tropical places, summer is the wet season. And, the most humid season. Oh yeah. It’s also hurricane season.

I’ll worry about that later.

For right now, it means a lot of chances to photograph wet stuff. Sparkling stuff. Glowing stuff. Brightly colored stuff. It’s nature’s way of using an old photographer’s trick. If you want something to shimmer and shine, wet it down. If you want reflections where there are none let the water pool and shoot into it. For movies you may see whole city blocks soaked so that light bounces off of the pavement.

Me? These days I’m lazy. I’ll just nature do the work. And chase the water and, most of all, the light. That’s what I did here. Then, I layered three pictures. Many people think that those little white flowers look like ghosts. At least they did on the bridge picture. Okay. Now, you have a lot of ghosts.



  1. Software installed, now I need to go take some pictures. 🙂 I’ve spent almost all day playing with layers as opposed to photo backup or WP blogs. 😐

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    • Good on both counts. Part of what I do photographically is business, but part is art. Art leads you, not the other way around. You’re gonna really like this software.

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      • I was just looking at it and it is $50. after trial period so I guess it’s not free any more. But that’s a great price for real photo software if it runs ok on my low end laptop.


      • Got it, I think. The 30 day trial stated in the email is if I pick Sony Pro instead of Sony. Phase 1 is pretty well known company so as long as it runs on my Celeron with static hard drive I should be good. I had DXO 4 years ago and it was good too.


      • my phone is my internet unless I go to the library. I have unlimited data but only 8 gigs tethered/month. So naturally I want 6″ phone but have 2 perfectly good 5″. One will be a portable backup if I ever buy a 128 or 256 gb card.


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