Rain and reflections.

Another look at nature. Through the windshield of my car.

That’s good, and well, not so good.

I generally think you should walk around and explore the scene. But, sometimes staying in your car works out pretty well. Especially if you’re lazy like me and don’t feel like getting wet. Besides, I could not have made those wonderful little reflections showing the entire tree if I didn’t have a place for raindrops to land. I focused on the droplets rather than what was outside the car. It’s subtle, but that’s what makes the picture.

The picture. The layering is much more simple than the work I did on my last few images. Two layers. Pink flower petals on a blue background. That’s it. I’ve always like the contrast between pink or magenta and some deep shade of blue.

A little housekeeping. You may have noticed that Storyteller got a little weird a couple of nights ago. Nights, during my time. In New Orleans. The page went from white, to black, to white. The information on the side of the page went away, then came back in a simpler and more contemporary format.

No worries.

I’m in the middle of converting this blog site into a more fully functioning website. What happened the other night was an experiment. In terror.

At one point, I thought that I lost this format. But, with the help of a pretty smart guy at WordPress, we repaired it.

Eventually, Storyteller will be incorporated into LaskowitzPictures. The most important issues are two. But, they have about a million moving parts within what seems like a simple framework.

All of you must be able to find and read Storyteller easily. That matters.

Static sub pages will display portfolios in order to license stock photography and sell art work. This will be fairly automatic. The licensee or buyer makes a payment through PayPal, and either is delivered a file for use somewhere, or is shipped a print.

I’m pretty sure there will be only three portfolios. My current art. The past more grungy and funky art. And, black and white work. Simplicity and minimalism is the key.

Those connections are fairly simple. For most people. I’m not most people. I always need help with this stuff.

There’s more to come beyond the pictures. I’ll leave those ideas for later.



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