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Another View… Moonrise Two

Moonrise over the Sandias.

Moonrise. Again. Version Two.

See that little pin prick of light? That’s the moon. The band of black is the Sandias.

The sky. Well, it’s the sky. And, really the most dominant feature. It’s also a big deal. Red, turning to magenta, to purple to almost black is pretty cool. I had nothing to do with it. Except to take the picture.

“Moonrise Over The Sandias” is a common event in Albuquerque. But, people still care about it. You’ll tell somebody that you made a good picture of it and they’ll say something like, “oh, that’s nice.” Then, you’ll show it to them and it’s more like, “ooh, ahh, oooh.”

That’s it.

The picture. Accidents, again. I was working with a wide angle lens. Probably something in the range of 20mm. Despite its peacefulness, the moon was moving quickly. I had no time to change lenses. So, I just used what I had. Something like photographing the moon with a smart phone, which is said to have the view of a 28mm lens. As I wrote above, I did next to nothing in post production. How could I? As usual, nature did all the heavy lifting.



  1. Isn’t it amazing how the moon appears so large to our eye but so small to our cameras? Even though you only had a wide angle lens, you still captured a lovely view of the rising moon!


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