Colorful explosion.


The weather has been delightful. The temperature has warmed up slightly, but the humidity hasn’t risen. This is just wonderful. I was so inspired that I walked out just beyond the garden and made this picture. Then I sat by the pool. And stared off into the future. Hard work if you can get it.

Oh, and I was playing an Oscar Peterson and Count Basie record from 1978 called Night Rider. Through the outdoor speakers. Pretty loudly. I’m sure the neighbors enjoyed it too. That’s how you start the day off.

The picture. For those of you who want to know how I did it.

First, it’s an iPhone picture. I wasn’t prepared for it so I didn’t have any sort of dslr with me. I could have taken the 30 or so steps into the house to grab a camera. But, you know me. I’m lazy. Very lazy. I suppose I could reshoot it. But, this picture works just fine. Besides, the native file was something like 42 x 32 inches at 72 ppi. Uprez that to 300 ppi and you’d have a huge picture that doesn’t have to be technically perfect.

Then, I worked on it in Snapseed. I brightened it, turned up the color, added a filter from their retro collection, made it glow and eventually softened the edges to help make the center pop. Why?

Because. It needed it. To make it be what I saw.

I was reading a friend of mine’s post on Instagram. She said something like this. If the scene is good and the light is great you don’t have to add filters.


Tell that to Ansel Adams, Eugene Smith or Pete Turner. Nothing comes straight out of the camera, even if all you are doing is adjusting the contrast and sharpening it due to technological limitations. I do not believe that you can save a bad picture. But, you certainly can make a good picture a little better. And, in this day and age you certainly can expose the image with that in mind.


  1. I love to tinker with each I make via post-production – although clearly not to the extent you do! However, the result is usually what I have envisioned and am happy with. Yeah for digital photography! Yes, of course you’re going to say that film is good too … that’s you’re nature … haha


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