The Right Notes

All brass and glow.

Fourteen days.

That’s the mourning period when a second line, or at least a brass band, will pass by Deb Cotton’s house. In Treme. That is the official mourning time. Even if the memorial event — let’s say a jazz funeral — and internment have already been completed.

At least, it was her old house until the injuries caused by her shooting got worse. She moved. The new dwellers will get serenaded every night. For fourteen days.

Unless I can chase the band down I won’t be posting something from this for the next two weeks.

Once we learn how Deb will be memorialized, I’ll attend and I’ll make some new work. Unless, it is private. That happens sometimes. Maybe most times. I doubt with her street cred that it will happen this time.

I do have a lot of pictures from Tuesday night’s second line to show you. Not every day. And, not a lot of them. But, they will be well produced. I learned a lot while I was reworking my older work. Even though these pictures won’t have the same messiness to them as my more artistic work, they will contain some serious post production hidden within each image. Like this one.

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