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Head, Hands and Feet

Bit and pieces.


I told you I really wasn’t changing direction all that much. I hope that you believed me. You have no reason to because I change directions on Storyteller, every chance that I get. Sometimes.

This is the inside of the Chapel at St. Roch Cemetery. I think everybody who finds their way to this place takes a version of this picture. I tinkered with it in every way possible and it still looks like the same thing everybody else publishes. Kind of. Sort of.

The real eye catcher is the red heart. It pops out of the wall because I helped it a lot in post production. I brightened the red. I scrubbed it. I cleaned it. I wanted it to be the centerpiece without it obviously trying too hard.

St. Roch, itself. Well, just type that into the search area here and you can find maybe four or five pieces that I’ve written about it. Suffice it to say, the  St. Roch Chapel is thought of as sort of a Lourdes of the region. All of those things left on the wall are a thank you in some form. People were cured. They could walk again. They could talk again. They could hear again. Apparently, give that one item looks like a brain, someone could think again.

Just sayin’.



    • You will be able to see the cemetery, but not the chapel, which is closed due to termite damage. Around here that usually means forever.


      • Yeah, I know, just wanted to throw your name down because it’s awesome. I don’t expect anything–totally up to you. Now that I’ve done it, it feels oddly like I’ve participated in a blog-version of a chain letter (which I always ignored), just minus the vague curse. Have fun and keep doing what you do–that’s why we like you anyway!

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      • You’ve pretty much nailed it. The ones worth doing are the ones that come from WordPress — like Discover – because a lot of new people are exposed to your blog. Me? Oh gee, I’ve been making pictures for so long that I’m not sure I know how to do much else. 🙂

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