Snow Day

Working my way through.

I act like I don’t know anything about snow or ice. I wondered if ice isn’t made in the freezer. At least that’s what I commented on a colleague’s blog. I’m guessing by her first reply, she kind of took my comment sort of seriously. She said she freezes fruit and flowers. Flowers? Well, okay…


I have a pretty good idea what snow and ice is about. It’s frozen. It’s cold. It’s wet. Sometimes snow is sort of dry and puffy. Sometimes it’s wet and sticky like cement. And, I’ve driven in it more times than I can count. I’ve lived in it. I could tell you the great Radford, Virginia snow and ice story. But, I’ll leave that for another day.

Given the choice between that and wearing shorts 11 months of the year, what would you do? Yes. Of course we get hot and humid in summer. It’s unbearable. Almost. But, that’s why showers, t-shirts and air conditioners were invented. Besides, if you are out working in it, your body gets nice and loose. Even my repaired hip and back is happy. I get sort of a sheen on my skin. That feels good too. And, one more thing. The humidity keeps your skin hydrated and supple. 80 is the new 40.

The picture. Yeah, yeah. I know. I shouldn’t have done it. But, I was young. Stupid. Especially back then, when there was no auto-everything. But, as Neil Young says, “The things that make you who you are will kill you in the end.” How do you think my hip got in such a sorry state?Thirty years of carrying 30 pounds of gear on one side. Most of my photography buddies of my vintage have all sorts of aches and pains. Back, neck, shoulders, legs. More than the usual ancient human being.

The picture was made on Tri-x, printed and scanned. I let it take me wherever it wanted to go. If you want to know the steps getting there, I probably could tell the basic ones. But, even I couldn’t duplicate this picture. I would it make different. Maybe better. Then again, maybe not.



    1. Thank you. Do you mean like in a gallery? There are two problems with that. Near as I can tell you live in Southern California. I live in New Orleans. And, the picture in question is less than twelve hours old. Even if I had artistic representation, there is no way they’d have it yet. Me? I’m stuck with photo assignment reps and a few agencies.


      1. Drats!….but we may be in New Orleans in the next few months…waiting on job assignments…you never know…but they are for sale right?


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