And, Finally

Wildman John.

It’s not that I’m out of pictures of Super Sunday. It’s because I’ve used my take for a week. I may be boring you. And, the culture is hard to understand. Especially if you don’t live in New Orleans. Even though it doesn’t look it, there is a lot of ritual. A lot of protocol. A lot of ceremony.


I thought that I would conclude with a little portfolio of pictures about one man who I’ve been knowing (as they say around here) for about five years. Wildman John. His suits are always very, very good. But, I think he out did himself with this one. Whew. He understands his culture. He sings. He dances. He walks up and down the street, greeting people along the way. Then he walks the parade route. As big as his suit looks, it is smallish and more traditional. Some Indians make suits that are about twice this size and have massive three-dimensional  components to them.

The pictures. Follow him around a bit over the course of the late morning and try to find the moment. Or, at least try to piece together enough pictures to tell a little story.

Pretty, pretty.


  1. I have really enjoyed this series of photos, Ray. I didn’t know a single, solitary thing about the Mardi Gras Indians until my first cultural anthropology course many years ago, and I’m fascinated by everything from the suits to the traditions. Thank you for sharing with us.

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  2. Wildman John commands attention in his beautiful green feathers. I wish I really did know more about the culture, Ray. Your photos do make a compelling story and I could never grow tired of them. I hope to visit NO again someday and I will certainly be observant in a whole new way.

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    1. Thank you. Let me tell you about the suits. They start working on the new suit the day after Mardi Gras. It takes about a year to see. They wear them 3 or 4 planned times a year unless they are performers. Since they are large and heavy, the suits are often destroyed after the new one is completed.


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