A New Orleans Thing

The surrounding crowd.

Super Sunday.

Uptown. A really big deal in the city. Bigger than people who are not involved in it, think. Just about one-third of Central City is pretty much cordoned off. If you are late to the scene, you have to walk in. If you are trying to get out, all I can say is good luck.

With the combined days of Super Sunday and St. Joseph’s Night, every place was especially jam-packed. That’s the bad news. Especially if you don’t like huge crowds. Or, are looking for a parking space. I arrived early to circumvent that. I parked where I always park. In between the cemeteries.

The good news is that Indians were everywhere. There are the usual locations where I wander to see them preparing.To set the scene in the neighborhood. Sometimes, they are hard to find. Not last Sunday. They were everywhere. As I was trying to leave in order to make my way downtown I kept stopping along the way to make more pictures.

Downtown, you ask?

Well, that Super Sunday is April 1. No, that’s not an April Fool’s joke. But, it was still St. Joseph’s Night. Downtown Indians came out too. In fact, there was even a retirement ceremony… that I couldn’t find. That’ll happen. These guys know the streets. Way better than I do.

I have more pictures. They are pretty quirky. That’s what I set out to do. Not only did I make pictures that way, but I curated that way as well. Sometimes, I get too conservative in the culling process. I solved that by listening to a little Grateful Dead while I was working.

Y’all know that for me, the beauty of the art is trying to make a little different picture. Sometimes, I succeed. Mostly, I don’t. I fall into the excitement of the moment. Not last Sunday. Since, it was my last Uptown Super Sunday, I found my zone early and stayed there. I hope that I made a few unique images. You’ll see as the week plays out.

In case you are wondering…

Knowing that I was done after last Sunday changed me emotionally and physically. I slowed way, way down. That put in me in the right place at the right time. I absorbed everything. Despite being a photographer who documents stuff, I still think the best place for me to remember is on the inside. In my mind. My heart. My soul.

That’s probably why I’m never in a hurry to post my work. If you looked at my Facebook and Twitter feeds, you’d think Super Sunday was breaking news event. Hmmm…

I think you should enjoy the moment — even for me, when the moment is pressing a button — and not be in a hurry to prove you were actually there. You know you where there. Isn’t that what matters? Your friends will eventually see your pictures.




      1. I’m still not sure. But, if it’s what I think you mean; it was made for me. As Uncle Neil says, “The things that make you who you are will kill you in the end.”


  1. Excellent advice to remember to absorb the event and take in the excitement and enjoyment of the occasion in addition to photographing and documentation. The colorful vibrancy in these photos is stunning, Ray. What a dynamic and energetic event!


    1. Thank you, Debra. If I wasn’t who I am and wanted to see Super Sunday I don’t even think I’d even bring a camera. I’d just look around, eat the “home” cooked food and listen to the music.


  2. Fantastic shots! We recently had some of their costumes in a Shreveport gallery and they held a parade in town in costume.


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