Physical Graffiti

Along the way.

I like photographing graffiti.

Despite your views on it, graffiti done well is a kind of folk art. Tagging is another matter entirely. Yesterday I wrote that my work is done by discovery. Just photographing the wall would, to my mind, make it a copy of somebody else’s work. Adding an element — the red scooter — makes it my work. That’s what my own sense of right and wrong says. Copyright law happens to agree with me.

This picture. I was photographing some parade — they are all a blur now — and happened to see the scooter parked about a half a block away. So, I did what I do. I made the picture. One thing to note about the graffiti. The darker — purple, teal and orange — bit of folk art is painted over something that was once simpler, painted in black and white. Apparently, mural sized walls are at a premium in the Bywater.


  1. Unbelievable….I was honestly crying over this on Monday because I passed yet another gorgeous train and it re-fueled an idea that I’ve been carrying for so long I just have to manifest it. Love your shot Ray, and the artist who painted it!


    1. I wasn’t talking about any sort of copyright law, which — if I were — wouldn’t be applicable because there are bigger legal implications of defacing somebody’s property. Generally, in New Orleans, this stuff gets painted over.

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