It Fell Outta The Sky

Joanie explodes.
Joanie explodes.

Joanie on the Pony.

That’s what locals call this statue. Really. It’s Joan of Arc. The statue was given to the city by France. For a long time nobody knew what to do with it. So, Joanie lived in a warehouse. Then she was located to one place and finally relocated to the foot of The French Market. That’s where she rides today.

Of course, all the glimmering and sparkling gold draws everybody from everywhere to look at her. And, to take a picture. Most of the pictures are from the side or from far down the street. So, I set out to do something about that. To make something a little more dramatic. I must have been on the right track. One of my agencies licenses the original version of this very picture repeatedly. My picture has been seen on travel guidebook covers, in travel guidebooks, in books about New Orleans. In books about the Franco-American shared history of New Orleans. And, even in a couple of travel ads.

Since the original version of the picture is successful, I just had to go and tinker around with it for Storyteller. No sense showing you the same old thing, right? So this version is called “Joanie Explodes on the Pony.” I know, I know. No respect. Not even for my own work.

I’m like that. Sometimes.

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