Down the street.
Down the street.

A moment.

I’m not sure it’s decisive. But, it’s a moment. In time. This dude was rolling his big wheel  and tire down the street as I was hustling from one point in the second line to another point ahead of the walkers.

I took his picture. He smiled.

The more I thought about it after this weekend of massive marches, another second line and other big stuff, I realized that this one man walk was important too. He’s taking care of business. His business. He’s getting it done. This is important. The only way to overcome whatever we are feeling right now is just to keep going. At whatever it is we do.

The picture. F something or other and be there. See the picture. Focus. Push the button. That’s about it. Oh yeah. Smile and talk to your subject. There is a certain pleasure in that.


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