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A Little Bling

Bling on the scene.

Bling on the scene.

Second lines and drums.

The tuba may start it, but the drums fill it. And, help to set the pace. Speaking of pace, I’m a little late today. I got really jammed up. Between some major dental work, finishing the technical issues of this computer that concluded with a power loss in the city so I had to redo everything, and taking pictures, time slipped away.


I got it done. All of it.

Of course that means, you’ll see two posts within about 18 hours of each other. Hopefully, you’ll like that.

This is another view from the Undefeated Divas second line. Check out all the sticks. This guy is prepared. Break one or drop one and he can just keep going. Sort of like me. I hope to never drop one, but cameras do break. I usually work with two. Same bodies. But, very different lenses. One is wide. The other is longer, for tighter work. If something should happen to one camera, I still can work with the other. That’s very old school thinking. Only a few people work with more than one camera these days.

The picture. Wide lens. Probably f 5.6 at about 500th of a second. It’s the backlighting that caught my eye. It created a very nice rim light around just about all of the subject. If I had used a longer lens, the picture would have been a little more graphic.





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