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The Stories We Can Tell

Happiness on the street.

Happiness on the street.

We do it for the stories we can tell.

I photographed the Perfect Gentlemen’s second line on Saturday. It was cold. Colder than I ever remember it New Orleans. People who have lived here all their lives agreed. On Sunday, I went out for the normal Sunday second line.

Guess what?

We were all telling stories about being out in the cold on Saturday. Yes. The stories we can tell. Ah, yes. That’s a Jimmy Buffett song from way, way back.


Being back out there feels very good. I probably made more New Orleans pictures in the past three days than I’ve made in the past few months. No. You won’t be seeing any tricky processing for a while. At least until the end of Carnival Season. But, you will see some pretty cool moments. They might not all be decisive. But…

This picture. Yes, yes, yes. It’s about the young woman in the foreground. But, check out that little cat in the background just to her left. He’s the future. He’s into his culture. That makes me smile.



  1. Hello Ray,
    Happy New Year. I love this photo and so happy to see you’re back taking photos of your beloved city. I look forward to seeing more and hope this is a good year for you.


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