Night Tree

Lighted on a winter's eve.
Lighted on a winter’s eve.


The temperatures are supposed to be low. They aren’t. The air is supposed to be clear and bracing. It isn’t. Today’s temperature is supposed to be 78 degrees. For the past few days the humidity was so bad that everything was drippy wet. But, without rain. The humidity manifest itself as fog.

But, that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

Yesterday’s post is the thing. I was wrong. 2016 isn’t letting go. Not quite yet. The force gained a princess yesterday. And, so the year ends as it began. With another star child passing before our eyes.

That said. Please don’t mistake what I wrote yesterday for cynicism. Or, depression. Or, sadness. Yes. I can be quite cynical. Especially now because I don’t believe “the people” have the will to make the needed changes. I’m not depressed. And, yes. I was sad. Yesterday. The passings of George Michael and Carrie Fisher in a matter of days did hurt.

But, I come from a tradition of “tell someone.” I told you. Once I do that, I’m through the hardest part. The rest is about acceptance. Because as George Harrison once wrote, “All Things Must Pass.” And, he did. Just as I will. As you will. And, that’s life. Part of life. A big part of life.

There is no doubt that 2016 has been a mean, hard year. I have no idea what 2017 will bring. But, I do know that I have to keep moving. You should too. The wheels keep turning. They won’t slow down.


The picture. I shoot in available darkness as much as I shoot in available light. It’s just easier to photograph something that doesn’t move in the dark. Heh. Since trees are about rebirth, I thought publishing a tree picture might be a good idea.

After all, Mother Nature always wins.


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