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Christmas Trees

Christmas in The Quarter.

Christmas in The Quarter.

It’s almost here. Christmas.

Today is the day before the day before. Excitement is in the air. Everybody is being good. Even the dogs. Packages are arriving… to our neighbor’s houses. Because we don’t want anybody to know where they are coming from. Very, very sneaky in this house. For us, Christmas Eve is the thing. I cook traditional Russian food. We head upriver to see the bonfires that guide Papa Noel to New Orleans. If we are all lucky, you’ll see some of those pictures on Christmas Day.

Luck is involved because it feels best when the temperatures are cold and the air is crisp. Our cold snap is gone. Likely it’ll be around 70+ degrees and kind of foggy. One year, we just gave up on the river festivities because the location is about 50 miles away and who wants to drive in fog?

The picture. Another Christmas tree. Exposed for the lights rather than the tree itself which is a shadow. In this case. Sometimes, I do that for the dramatic effect. Sometimes I don’t.



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  2. Very thrilling post! The photograph of tree is spectacular!!! Was pleasantly surprised about your traditional cooking . May I ask you what kind of Russian food are you going to cook on Christmas?


    • Why? 🙂 My grandparents taught my dad and he taught us… perogies, golbusky, heavy borscht, potato pancakes and home made sausage that I don’t make, but we have shipped from Michigan.


      • Thank you for answering my question. My grandmother and my mother taught me how to cook all these food you mentioned here. That is how I was raised.
        Merry Christmas!

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    • Sure. But, I have write them down. They are all in my my head. After making them for so long… where do you want to start? Our borscht is very different. It’s more like stew. Merry Christmas.

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      • The ones that are in your head are the hardest ones to write down – it’s all muscle memory! I’ve never had borscht and have to confess that beets are one of the only foods that I don’t appreciate. Maybe that’s because I haven’t had good borscht!


      • Not just that, but what’s a pinch? To my grandma it might have meant something than it did to your parents or grandparents. Oh, I think beets are the perfect vegetable. We rub fresh beats with olive oil, add salt and black pepper and grill them. In Borscht, they are only part of it. It’s the rest of the root veggies and the meat that really matters. You’ll see. I guess I could start with perogie. But, if you can make filled dumplings,you can make those.


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