A Lot Like Christmas

A walk along Royal Street.
A walk along Royal Street.


A couple of days away. Time to show you New Orleans during the season. We don’t have snow. But, we have something else. Something special that I can’t really name. The Christmas season is my favorite time of year in the city.

I’ll return to photo tutorials in the new year. And, “what the dog saw.” Besides publishing New Orleans Christmas pictures, there is a lot to do on Storyteller in the next few days. The close of the year means showing you what I consider to be my best pictures of the year. Many of you will have seen these somewhere along the line in 2016. Some of you have not. It’s a good way for me to review my own work.

The picture. The usual thing. See it. Frame it. Photograph it. I didn’t shoot with a very high ISO because I wanted a little blurred motion in the picture. I made it on Royal Street. In the French Quarter. Towards the end of the blue hour.


  1. I spend every Thanksgiving weekend in New Orleans, because there is absolutely no better place to put yourself in the holiday spirit. The decorations are more festive, the music of brass horns reverberates all around, and the history cries out the tales of your Christmas’s past. Such a beautiful and amazing city. I love the pic, I love the season, I love NOLA. 🙂


    1. Cool. I’m glad you like my home. If there’s one thing we know how to to do, it’s celebrate. Next time you come, checkout WWOZ. There is a section called “taking it to the streets.” You can probably see a good second line parade will you are here.

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