Winter Glow

In the morning.
In the morning.

Dawn light.

The only way to see this is to actually get out of bed and go for a walk. Maybe with your dog. Maybe with your camera. It’s hard. I don’t know about you. But, I’m not sure my eyes work early in the morning. I need caffeine. A lot of caffeine.


Photo techniques will return tomorrow. Many of you liked what I had to say. Many of you may have learned a thing or two.  That’s great. I like teaching a lifetime’s worth of knowledge. Even very experienced photographers can use a refresher to remind them of something they forgot. I certainly do.

I actually have some ideas about what to write. I’m going to drill down a little in technique. I think I’ll talk first about making good exposures. That’s the key to anything photographic.


This picture. The basic exposure was made on my iPhone while I was walking the dog. Post production was using On1 software on my main machine. Oddly, the file had to be reduced since the phone makes a file at something like 45 inches by 30-something inches. But, only at 72 ppi. That’s still around a 20 meg file. When “athousandbitsofpaper” asked me how iPhone files look printed, it occurred to me that my first DSLR made a 6 meg file. I could probably print this picture around something like 16×20 inches without a problem or even much work at all.

Ah, technology.

I read somewhere that in the next few years smartphone photography will end all but the most die heart photographer’s use of DSLRs. That’s probably right. But, not for me and my kind.



    1. It is. I don’t like it one bit. 🙂 I’m kidding. Seriously, for most people that’s all they need. In fact, if you think about it, aside from watching video on something larger, a smartphone is all that most people need for all of their computing.


  1. Hi Ray my lat s IPhone (the 7plus) is a 12meg camera which has a portrait mode so good (beautifully blurred bokeh) that I feel confident leaving my larger cameras at home when travelling these days. To be able to capture, process and post or print directly from your phone is already beginning to render the larger cameras obsolete. I personally feel very guilty about my four beautiful cameras languishing in the cupboard not to mention amazing lenses but as the saying goes – you use the camera you have with you.


    1. Actually, that’s a compressed 12 megs. Open it up in Photoshop or something like that and see what the file size is… should be roughly three times the advertised spec. That said, because the sensor is tiny, the pixel size is tiny which is a good reason that despite all the technology, iPhone pictures made in very low light are terrible. The bigger the sensor, the better the picture quality. Yeah… that saying is misleading. Obviously, work with what’s in your hands. But, the saying came from people making news pictures. Given the options, I’d always rather work with a much better tool.

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  2. Nice.
    Can you advise me one thing, should I put a copyright to my photographs, I normally don’t like to put my photo through photo-editing. If yes, then can you advise how, I use a macbook air and that has an inbuilt color sync utility software.


    1. I think so. These days people steal pictures because they don’t know better. By putting a copyright on your picture it tells potential users that it’s your picture. I just use Photoshop and its text feature.


      1. You’d probably be better off building your blog or working through Instagram because you have to build a new audience of friends or followers. But, most people will not be critical in any way. Mostly, people do not want to offend so they just tell you it’s a nice picture.


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