Autumn in the pool.
Autumn in the pool.

See? Autumn in New Orleans.

That’s the pool. One day it was nicely clean. Sparkling blue. The next day Autumn fell into the pool. Leaves. Leaves. More leaves.

Trust me. That bit of back lighting makes the leaves look colorful. They are not. They are mostly brown. I also helped a little bit in post production.

The picture. It fills two needs. It shows you what the pool looks like. It fills the bill for the occasional series, “What the dog saw.” She saw this. So did the other dogs. The look on their faces told me all I needed to know. You know. “What is this in OUR pool?”


16 Replies to “See What I Mean?”

  1. Nifty , Ray. We don’t get too many leaves in our yard, but those that do get raked up are used for mulch in our flower garden. Keep up with your daily reports, I enjoyed the story on the Blues performer too.


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