The Boxer

Preparing for training.
Preparing for training.

The dive gym. In Central City.

It is mostly for boxers who want to train. It’s inexpensive. It’s in the heart of the new gentrification of Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard in Central City. It may be one of the last ungentrified business there. Even as the weather cools off, this place is always hot, humid and sweaty. It’s old school. The owner lives on the premises. You can work out for ten dollars. I could photograph for ten dollars. I imagine if you needed overnight accommodations, that would cost ten dollars. You’d have to sleep on a concrete floor. I’m just guessing. I don’t really know.

About once a yearly quarter, the owner holds a “Friday Night Fights” event. It’s usually outdoors at a bar a few blocks towards the river on lower St. Charles Avenue. It’s a hoot. It’s more-or-less old-fashioned burlesque with boxing matches mixed in. It’s great fun. You can find it on Facebook.

The picture. I was once working on a big Central City project with a friend of mine. This picture was part of that. The original version is straight ahead photojournalism. Of course, what you are looking at has been tinkered with. A lot.



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