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These Three

Waiting. Wildman John's Mardi Gras Indian gear.

Waiting. Wildman John’s Mardi Gras Indian gear.

These three. These are the three pictures which I will be showing starting tonight at the Louisiana Photography Biennial. The show runs from tonight until November 19th. If you are local or are planning to be in town during the next five weeks, you should go. There are some 200 photographs hanging on the walls of the New Orleans Art Center. Some wonderful work from a lot of great photographers.

I was trying to figure out the commonality between these three pictures. That is, aside from our culture. It took until I started writing the captions and keywords that I understood what I didn’t see.

All of these pictures were made in Central City.

One was made on Mardi Gras Day. Early in the morning because the Zulus traditionally start the parades on that day. Two were made on Super Sunday. The Uptown version. They were made before the parade actually began while I was poking around looking for whatever I saw… you know, probably one of the things I do best. Get away from the crowd and just see.

Enjoy the day. The weekend.

Hopes and dreams. Clouds, a young man and the bus.

Hopes and dreams. Clouds, a young man and the bus.

Zulus on Mardi Gras Day.

Zulus on Mardi Gras Day.

The big show.

The big show.



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