A Different View

Building a wall.
Building a wall.

Just a little playing with software to build a kind of photo assembly.

I’m not sure if this works. At all. But, I wanted to do a little testing. And, learning. In an attempt to learn about a particular style of photo assembly, I started with this. Well, something like it.  The pictures were taken over a long period of time. They were sometimes published one or two at a time.

Please share your thoughts.


  1. For my eye it doesn’t but I think it is too small. It loses the detail and becomes a hodge podge for me. Placed on a huge wall might be the answer. A difficult issue but one that deserves further exploration. Best in your endeavor.


    1. Thanks. A couple of points. Well, more than a couple. I don’t think an image is actually a photograph unless it’s printed on paper. Pictures on the screen are just ones and zeros. Two, a bunch of people who follow me here are Facebook friends as well. It seems that I’m more of an influence than I knew. They posted the same kind of work on their pages. And, finally, I made a test print at my printers. We’ve worked together for so long — 18 years — that a test print is usually a final print. We made it 6×4. Feet. We tacked it on one of the great room walls. It looks amazing. But, as you say, it has to be large.


      1. At home, we rotate art. But, also have benefit of owning and old house built in 1854 which has 14 feet ceilings downstairs. Another way around heavy printing and framing costs is to make a Blurb book. I make a portfolio book every year.


      2. The Blurb book might work. Since I’ve traveled so much I’ve got to the mental state of “Less is Better”. Then a home with 14 foot ceilings is a definite advantage. It’s more like many of the finer galleries that I’m fortunate to see in my travels.


      3. You don’t travel any more than we do. We travel with what we need to do our jobs. But, at home… That’s another story. In fact, from the first week in October until mid-December we’ll be on the road except for when we take breaks and I shoot pictures to keep me looking like a NOLA shooter. 🙂 What can I say? We like old houses. 🙂 The one in NOLA was built in 1854. The one in Brooklyn was built in 1837. Our first NOLA house was the first “common house” built on a plantation in 1832. The original documents are written in French.

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      4. Be careful with that. I tested on just to see. Two small prints of the same thing. The one in sun lighted started fading within a year. There is an infused metal printer in Denver. Somehow the color is actually part of the metal. The price is about the same and they don’t fade.


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