September 11

The eyes.
The eyes.

I had another post written and scheduled. Then I read this.

“Years ago two mayors, Michael Bloomberg and Mr. Giuliani, were in a group discussing what the memorial should be. Mr. Giuliani wanted something big on that “sacred ground.” Mr. Bloomberg argued for a school, not a monument. “I always thought the best memorial for anybody is to build a better world in their memory,” he said. “I’m a believer in the future, not the past. I can’t do anything about the past.”

And, this.

“Many of them had no idea what was happening, and none knew what the attacks would lead to. The years of unending warfare, the disasters overseas, the new way of living: see something, say something, fear everything.”

Both quotes are from the New York Times. From their opinion page. Today’s opinion page. They were discussing September 11, 2001. The Worst Day. The day everything changed.

I agree with Mr. Bloomberg. I can’t do anything about the past. But, I can do better going forward. That’s not an indictment of me. No. We can all do better. We can all do better at whatever it is that we do. That’s how you honor those who died on September 11. That’s how you honor anybody who passed before you.

A lot of people have been writing about their memories from the Worst Day. Mine are like most other people’s. I was getting dressed. The morning news was on in the background. I looked up and saw one of the towers burning. The sound was low, so I didn’t hear the commentary. I thought it was odd that a movie was playing when normally I would be watching the news. I did whatever I was doing and glanced up again. Peter Jennings was talking. I thought why is he doing the morning news? And, then uh oh.

You know the rest.


Back to the picture. It has nothing to do with my writing. Yeah. I know. There he goes again.


It’s what I do best. It’s what I was given to do.  It is what I do. It defines me. And, that goes well beyond pushing the shutter button. That’s easy. We live in a world where anybody can do it. It’s more about my way of seeing. My intent. My vision.

So. Yes. I mourn those who died on September 11, 2001. I celebrate those who ran into the danger. To save lives. To help. To document. My way of doing that is to work. To move forward. To look back, but only briefly.

Because, there is the one thing you know about me. The thing that never changes.

“The work is the prayer.”

Peace. Y’all.


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