What the Dog Saw. Four.

The dog's view.
The dog’s view.

Part four of an occasional series. What the dog saw.

We go for walks. She chooses the route. I’m just along for the ride. Er, walk. Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes the walk takes 15 minutes. Sometimes we are out for over an hour. It’s her call. The only guidance that I give her is to keep her out of trouble. And, not let her walk so far out that returning home is to tiring for her. For me.

The picture. Hers. As well as mine. I didn’t tinker with it much. I didn’t have to.

In the United States, it’s Labor Day weekend. Everybody takes a break that marks the calendar end of summer. I think I will take a break as well. Happy weekend.


    1. She finds everything. They all do. Just some soft corners using Snapseed. The dog and morning pictures are i-Phone pictures. Funny thing about that. I always used the phone as sort of a sketch pad, until I enlarged an image and printed. 16×20. Can’t tell the difference between that and a dslr.

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      1. I am a huge fan of Snapseed! And of the iPhone. I have a new camera that I’m still trying to figure out…sometimes the phone is just as convenient and I know how to work it 🙂


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