A Street Portrait

Hey mister.
Hey mister.

It’s just a theory. My theory. But, I have long believed that you can use events to make other kinds of pictures. That you don’t always have to literally document the scene as it unfolds. That you can make portraits. Or, detail images. Or, even something that has absolutely no roots in the event. I do that sometimes with my “ruins collections.” Or, as I call those pictures, “made on the way to some place else.

In this case, I was working at the Underwear Parade. I made most of the pictures that were in my head. You’ve already seen many of them. So, I was just looking for a little bit extra. Something I could use out of context of the parade if I wanted. This guy came rolling by and stopped right in front of me. I asked him if he minded and he said no. He looked directly at the lens. I pointed at my left shoulder and he looked there. This is the result. I got his name. I gave him my business card and away we both went.

Street portraits made simple.


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