Underwear Too

Dance, dance, dance.
Dance, dance, dance.


A little more. A little gift. Something extra. That’s what the word means.

As I promised yesterday, here are a few more pictures. Hopefully, you’ll get the sense of the Underwear Parade. Yet, another parade in New Orleans. A second line, that was more-or-less made up of first liners since just about everybody who participated was in the main parade.

It was pretty hot and humid, so I suppose that everybody who “dressed down” was prepared for the weather. A couple of these pictures were made in a backyard area. Everybody who participated was asked to pass through one gate. To be counted. Apparently, a new Guinness  world record was set for people parading in their underwear. That’s something. I think.

The rest of the pictures were made as I usually approach events like this. Smile a lot, point, shoot. And, beg for mercy if someone is offended because I took their picture. That rarely happens at gatherings like this one. I look at it this way. If you are masked — or, in this case, unmasked — you pretty much don’t care if you are photographed. Even the guy looking over his shoulder at me gave me a fist bump after I took the picture.

So there.

A kiss that refreshes.
A kiss that refreshes.


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