Tail lights in the rain.
Tail lights in the rain.


We had a storm. Late yesterday afternoon. It didn’t last very long. Probably less than an hour. But, it was very violent. The winds kicked up and created a cloud funnel over The French Quarter. Luckily, it didn’t touch down or there would have been a tornado in a neighborhood full of tourists.

The storm didn’t stop there. The rain fell so hard that it actually collapsed a couple of houses. It flooded streets. A lot of people lost their electrical power. The wind gusts were strong enough that garden furniture was blown into the power lines.

Luckily, there wasn’t much damage in our neighborhood. We didn’t lose power. But, I had a pretty full morning of cutting up broken tree branches and a tree that was split in two. That’s not really a big deal. It could have been worse. Nothing hit the house. We are okay. As usual, the dogs were just fine. Of course, they refused to go outside. Even after the storm passed through.

In many ways, this is just life in New Orleans. In the summer. During hurricane season. A friend of mine said this was a good excuse to buy a chainsaw. We have one. We have a generator. We have battery-powered lanterns. We have batteries. About 2o cases of water.  And, cans of Spam. Did I mention Spam? Oh yeah. And, Beefaroni. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a kind of canned pasta. It lasts forever. It needs no refrigeration. Whatever keeps it from spoiling can’t be very good for a human being. I’m pretty sure that if you brought a can to Italy, you’d be arrested as you walked through passport control or customs. After all, that stuff is impersonating food. Italian food.

The picture. Oh, I was just running a couple of errands as the storm blew in. It’s one of those drive by things that I shoot through the windshield of my car.  Obviously, the traffic lights were red. And, I had nothing better to do. Or, something like that.


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