Fishing on the lake.
Fishing on the lake.

The heat index is supposed to be a brisk 110 degrees.

Today. In June.

That means the actual air temperature will be somewhere near 95 degrees. But, our unbearable humidity makes up the difference. There are hot weather advisories all over the place. Stay indoors. If you are outside wear a hat. Take lots of breaks. Drink water even if you aren’t thirsty. Wear loose clothes.

In theory, we are supposed to get a violent storm — oh, goody — very late today. That will break the heat and humidity cycle. For now. I was thinking about photographing this Sunday’s second line parade. If the temperature drops to the low to mid-80s as predicted, I’ll do it. If, the temperature stays up where it is today, there are not enough hats, water or loose clothes in the world to get me on hot urban streets at 1 pm.

And, so it goes.

I can hardly wait for August. When it really gets hot around here.