And In The End

Keeping the beat.
Keeping the beat.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Bang. Bang. Bang.

The beat. In the groove. Keeping time. He was very, very good at it. I photographed this young musician in Winston-Salem. North Carolina. The assignment, as I recall, was great fun. Technically, this is my way of bringing the studio with me. It’s also my way of being a living Boy Scout motto. As in, “Always be prepared.”

Here’s what happened.

I was just going to go to his home, probably to make my usual environmental portrait. Unfortunately, the house didn’t say very much about him. In fact, likely it would have taken away from his musical skills.


I lit it up. I made the background black and put just enough rim light on his head to separate it from the background. In those days, we used Visitor 283 flashes. I’ve used all kinds of lighting help. Nikon flashes. Norman portable strobes. Studio strobes. Paul C. Buff portable strobes. I even used a Singer bare tube flash. But, I always liked those 283s. I still have some. I don’t use them much. But, they are around if I need them.

Of course, you know the rest. Camera, lens, film stock.

This is about it for the this series of black and white images. Yes. I know a lot of you like these images. I do too. But, it’s time to get back to current work. Not to worry. I’ll do this again. Soon. I have enough black and white negatives to post for the next couple of years if I didn’t feel like producing new work for Storyteller.


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