Time Fades Away


Drippy good.
Getting it right.

Endings. In two states. For a time, in the South.

The top picture is the very last picture that I made in Winston-Salem. North Carolina. The bottom picture is the very last picture that I made in the New River Valley. In Blacksburg, Virginia. While I was working there.

The pictures. You know the drill by now. Nikon camera bodies. The top picture was made with an F3. The bottom picture was made with an FM. The lenses were at 24mm f 2.8 and, on the bottom, a 180mm f 2.8. The film was Kodak Tri-X black and white film.

I’m not sure what more there is to say about these images. My style was obviously evolving. Even though these pictures were made roughly 35 years ago, the top picture is very close to how I work today. Except it’s black and white film. And, I probably would light it instead of pushing the film a couple of F stops. That’s why it is so contrasty and the shadows are so deep.

A couple of you like my black and white work. It makes me think that maybe I should keep it up. No. Not with old pictures. But, some new work. Let’s just hope that I can see in black and white. Every image would be a conversion for color to black and white. Only one camera, a Leica, currently in production makes pure black and white image files.

Also. A very nice person whose email address says that he or she works at Virginia Tech sent me the details on the basketball picture I published yesterday. Thank you.

Drippy good.
Drippy good.


      1. It’s like anything else you have be passionate, work very hard and keep working. It would probably be harder now to start out when everybody with a phone thinks they are a photographer, but it can be done.

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  1. I’ve been enjoying seeing your older b&w work, Ray, and would welcome seeing newer images in b&w. Of course, some of your images have such bold color it would be a shame to see them otherwise.
    I’ve been using Pentax DSLR’s, and there are settings to take the shots in monochrome, and those are only saved in that mode. I would hope other manufacturers have similar settings.


    1. Thank you for that. I’m not so sure I even see in black and white anymore. I tried using black and white settings with my Sony mirrorless bodies. You can save them in jpeg files. But, the RAW file (from which I always work) remains in color.

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      1. I need to correct that…Pentax DNG files are in color, but JPEG’s are b&w. I think it gives you a good reference point to see the image in b&w at first, then know where you want to take it with processing.


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