Gear Again…

Ralph Sampson, Virginia Tech.
Blocked, Virginia Tech.

Virginia. Sweet Virginia.

As I worked through the negatives and scans from the past, I’ve come to realize that I was very, very productive during what really was a very short time in Virginia. I wish I had that energy now. Isn’t that always the way? Now that I know I’m doing, I take longer to do it. And, recovering from doing it takes much longer. Much, much longer.

I’ll try to keep this a little shorter than yesterday’s post. It’s time-consuming for me to write. And, hard for you to read.


All of these pictures were made in Virginia. I’m  pretty sure that you know the rest. Nikon camera bodies and lenses. Kodak black and white Tri-X film. Most were made with a Nikon 180mm f 2.8 lens, except for the baseball picture which was made with an 85mm lens and the football locker room picture which was made with a 24mm lens.

About these pictures.

“Blocked” was taken in 1980 when Virginia Tech had a very good team. Good enough that they made it to the second round of the NCAA playoffs. Back when a billion teams weren’t selected. For the life of me, I cannot remember or find information about the player blocking the shot. In fact, when I search the Virginia Tech website, it seems that there were no standout players that year. They played a team sport as a team.

“Pregame Focus” was taken towards the end of the football season when the Pulaski County Cougars were headed to the playoffs. They were the high school team to beat in Southwest Virginia during the 1980 season. I asked for permission from the head coach to spend some time with his team. He agreed because he thought it might be one more thing that could help the players win scholarships to college. This was taken during the very quiet pregame moment.

“Refreshing.” My timing was pretty good. The man’s timing — a track coach — wasn’t so good. I took this picture in Wytheville. I didn’t realize it at the time. But, this place must have been pretty cool. Check out the coach’s hat. A hipster hat. In 1980.

“Have I Got a Deal For You.” I have no idea what she was saying as this one baseball player was walking off the field, but his teammates were sure interested. Once again, in Radford, Virginia.

“See the Ball.” Often times old school editors will say that the picture isn’t a sports picture unless it has a ball in it. I don’t know if I agree with that. But, do you see the ball? Do you see it? That’s why the runner was safe. More Bobcat baseball in Radford, Virginia.

Timing. Often that’s what life is about. With exception of the locker room picture, that’s what these images are about.

My publishing schedule is like this. I’ll probably close the week with the rest of my black and white work. At least, the pictures that I want to share. Then it’s back to color work. New color work. And, a surprise.


  1. Hokie Dale Solomon (#35) is blocking the shot of Roger Burkman (Cardinals #34) while Les Henson (#21) waits for the rebound. Louisville won the NCAA Championship that year.


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