Some Tools

Artist's tools.
Artist’s tools.

I found this stuff on the street. Artist tools. Tubes of Paint.

In Uptown. New Orleans.

The tubes of paint are so bright that I could see them as I was driving by. I actually passed the street where I saw them, made a turn and made my way back to them. Nobody was around. There were paint brushes and some work in progress that was being painted on the wall. No. Not graffiti. A big mural.

Apparently, the artist took a break. It took a little while to photograph all of the details. The tubes of paint. The artist palette. The brushes. And the unfinished work. Those are all documented in other photographs. I’ll get to them eventually.

I never did meet the artist.


This picture is just too bright. Too colorful. It reached out through the computer screen and grabbed me by the throat and said, “Look at me. Look at me.”

I did. I studied it pretty closely. Now I’m showing it to you. I think it’s a pretty good Sunday picture.

The picture. I didn’t do that much. I darkened it some. I increased the saturation. That’s it. And I did that to help you to see what I saw when I was driving by.



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