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A Fine Day

A pretty day on Decatur Street, The French Quarter.

A pretty day on Decatur Street, The French Quarter.

You know that I don’t usually work during mid-day hours. But, every now and then rules are made to be broken. Even if I made the rules. Which is a whole other discussion of another day.

Look at it. The scene was perfect. The red carriages contrasting against the fresh greens of spring and the white puffy clouds and wonderful blue sky. How could I not take this picture? Yeah, yeah. It’s kind of a postcard picture. Most artists can’t stand these. Everybody thinks we need to get deeper into the location, the people or the  culture. I’ll buy that. But, does that mean you shouldn’t shoot this picture when you come to it? Should I just walk by and grumble something about the scene being too pretty? I don’t think so. Not me.


The picture. One of those see it shoot it, F8 and be there, kinds of pictures. The only trick to this, and many, of my pictures is that I like to work a little wider than many people do.


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