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Golden Queen

Golden queen in the French Quarter.

Golden queen in the French Quarter.

Gold in The French Quarter.

I was inspired by something a friend of mine published yesterday on his blog. Let’s call him Robert. Because that’s his name. Heh! He photographed something in some windows in the Quarter. He put his camera lens flat on the glass as I once suggested. He liked the results so he mentioned me in his post. That got me thinking of this picture. The one that you are looking at. I shot it through a window.

First. For the record. I am not competitive. Except with myself. He just got me thinking about this picture which I haven’t shared with you. It’s one of those kinds of pictures that just sort of fell by the way side.

The picture. I guess that’s the tip for the day. It’s very, very old school. If you are photographing through a glass window, put your lens directly on the glass. It may take some juggling around to actually be able to frame the picture that you want to take. But once you do, you’ll have no glare or reflections and the window will act like a brace or tripod. You can work in the dark. Like I do.


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