Another springtime look.
Another springtime look.

Another lazy picture. Made at the edge of our garden. In late afternoon, but not as the sun is setting. A little before that.

Let’s all just look at the subject matter. It’s a nice, peaceful Sunday picture. That’s all it is. And, that’s what I intended.

Photo lesson coming. You can stop right here and ignore it if you wish.

Let’s forget about the so-called bokeh. It is an overused word that just means the out of focus background. Yes. There is a certain kind of quality to it. It can be smoother and creamier depending on the lens construction, the F stop and the length of the lens. It can also get pretty ragged depending on your skill level with the camera and the lens.

In any case, it’s not the defining quality of this or any picture.

I also just read that, “rules are made to be broken.” Yes, they are. I break them all the time. I’ve made a career out of breaking them. A long career. Almost 45 years long.

But you know what?

In order to break the rules, you have to know what the rules are. You have to be able to duplicate the results of your experiment.  If you are going to make a career out of photography, you have to understand one overarching rule.


No matter what clients think about your portfolio, they really and truly hate luck. They want to know that you can do the job in a somewhat predictable fashion. They don’t like surprises. They don’t like jumping through hoops to make your image be reproducible on their project. And, they really, really hate reshoots.

Even now, I still follow one rule that an old photo department boss taught me. It’s fine to experiment, and to take chances. But, always shoot one for you and one for them. Let them choose.

Have a good Sunday. Try not to worry about the bokeh.


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