New Orleans Light and Magic

Reflections upon entering the city.
Reflections upon entering the city.


This is the view that you see as you arrive in New Orleans on I-10 from the West. Of course, you don’t always see it in quite this dramatic fashion. It’s all about the weather. And, light bouncing off of one building in the city’s skyline. The reflection. It is so strong that if you look at the highway just in front of the first car you can see very bright light on the road. That’s pretty strong bounce light.

The image is the result of timing. The sun was setting just after a big storm passed through the region. I was on my way to take a picture of some place else. When I saw what was happening right in front of me, what else could I do? I took the picture.

The picture. Well you know me. I took it through the windshield with the camera braced on the dashboard.  It is mostly the result of something very akin to “point and shoot.” Or, just plain old dumb luck. Luck that I made a pretty powerful picture. And, luck that I didn’t crash into another car or highway.



      1. I just mean to see things like that that moment and even be ready and find a way … it’s so much more than just being a snapshot, it’s realizing a chance. I am afraid I can’t really put it into (english) words what I want to express, sorry. ….


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