French Quarter Spring

French Quarter Spring.
French Quarter Spring.

It goes like this. I stop to take a picture in a touristy place — like on Royal Street in The French Quarter — and people either say to each other, “What is he taking a picture of?” Or, they turn on their smartphones and take a picture of whatever think that I did because they didn’t want to miss something. Of course, they never knew my intent or even what I saw. I imagine when they get to their hotel and are getting ready to Instagram all over the place that they are wondering why they even took the picture.


Here’s why I took it. Golden light. That very same golden light is bouncing off the school building making it bright red. New Spring growth on the trees. The golden light helps to illuminate the leaves as well.

That’s what I saw. Springtime in an urban setting.

I also knew that I could add a little color and glow to the picture in post production and make  the finished image look like my mind’s vision.

One more thing. I bet you never even considered the possibility that there is a school inside the bounds of the neighborhood that we call The French Quarter. Even though so much of it is given to tourism, The French Quarter is a real live New Orleans neighborhood.

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