Magenta streaks.
Magenta streaks.


Yes. Dreams. In my dreams. I’ve been dreaming about this set of pictures for many years. And, many, many more years. I’ve never had the opportunity to make them. Last night I did.

I got lucky. Well. No. That’s not it. I used my head a little. That’s something new and different. Instead of chasing Indians throughout the streets, I just went to the place where I knew they’d eventually meet. And, they did. And, I did.

Dreams. I see color in swirling masses of light, energy and motion. Especially in subjects like these. Generally, when I photograph second lines, Mardi Gras Indians and the brass bands, I try to keep everything in sharp focus. Or, at least in layers of sharp and soft focus. But, really I have a very impressionistic bent in me. Think Van Gogh. Like some of his work. I haven’t really had the opportunity, or taken it, to make these swirling, bright pictures lately. Last night I did. So I did it.

Oh, not to worry. I made plenty of the usual sharply focused kinds of images too. In fact, between last night’s total amount of work and today’s Super Sunday work, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be sick and tired of looking at Mardi Gras Indians. But, never mind. You’ll get about a week’s break and then I’ll be into Downtown Super Sunday. Oh, and then the Westbank version. Indians. Indians. Indians.

And, second lines. Just to fill in the gaps.

These pictures. Not as easy as F8 and be there. You kind of have to understand the motion and the energy behind the event which is really pounding drums and all manner of percussion. If you can find that beat, you’re good. You’ll move with it. Sort of like dancing to you favorite song. The pictures won’t just look like blobs of color. Instead, you’ll have some shape and identity. It will look like you intended for the pictures to look the way that they do. That’s my story. I’m sticking to it.