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In Our Springtime

Springtime in New Orleans.

Springtime in New Orleans.

You really have to open this picture. It’s a little subtle.

It may be one of the best pictures that I’ve published this month. Whoops. Of course it might. There’s only been two days to March. Let’s say that despite all the pictures I made in February, with Mardi Gras and all that, this one brings something special to me. A sense of place. Maybe, a sense of time. Could be a little sense of peace.

I’m not sure.

The picture. I made it from Algiers Point, across the Mississippi River from New Orleans. That sentence looks a little weird to me because Algiers Point is actually a ward located within The City of New Orleans. You have to cross one of a couple of bridges to get there. Or, take the ferry. The river looks so brown because it’s still dropping from our unseasonable high river a month or so ago. The fisherman and I got to this place along the river at about the same time. He had a little dog — a Shitzu — I think. He was barking like crazy at me. Luckily, I was standing on sort of a bridge between land and the ferry terminal. He had to jump about 25 feet to get to me. He couldn’t do that. And, I wasn’t jumping down to him. It all worked out.

Usually, it does.



    • Oh, this is too easy… Heh, heh, heh.

      But, seriously. The next time you feel compelled to stay in the 1/4, take a morning walk to the very end of Canal Street. Get on the ferry. It only goes to one place. Get off the ferry and turn left. Take a nice long walk along the levee. You can actually walk under the bridge. You can also see Mardi Gras World. Walk back, eat right there to your left before the ferry. Get back on the ferry.

      That what I’d do if I were coming for 1/4 fest. All the people in the 1/4 will make you feel like you are trapped in Times Square during rush hour. You need a daily break.

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