Playing (Just)

Pretty in pink. Two.
Pretty in pink. Two.

It’s spring. Down here. In the swamp.

Yesterday the high temperature was just above 80 degrees. The humidity is way down. The air seems crystal clear. Except in the morning when a lot of fog was floating around. All of that is great.

But, it makes me lazy.

I was supposed to take more pictures than I did today. Mostly, I just wandered around the yard taking pictures and playing with the camera. Little experiments. Little tests.

These pictures came out of the camera about looking as you see them. No big modifications in post production. Mostly, just a little clean up. You know that I’m not one of those guys who proclaims, “I DIDN’T USE PHOTOSHOP” like it’s a badge of honor. I use all the tools available to me. I just wanted to see if I could do this stuff in the camera simply by manipulating the settings. Remember I make RAW files. I don’t use the camera’s JPEG settings which deliver a pretty well processed picture.


I did that. Everything in camera. Using the onboard camera tools. And, my brain. My biggest fear is concerns software that compresses pictures for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. It’s like using a three-pound mallet to hammer in a tiny finishing tack. Generally, it flattens and darkens the picture. That’s why I make pictures as bright and energetic as I do. By the time those sites compress the color and contrast it looks about right when you finally see the pictures on your computer screen.


  1. Gorgeous. Boston has such a different vibe and look, it’s remarkable. The flowers, the beads, the floats — they belong there, they create a very different world. Exotic and familiar at the same time — like an adjacent, foreign country.


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