Seeing Stuff

Triplets... yellow.
Triplets… yellow.

This is all about seeing. Being on the move. Going from place to place.

It’s also about not really caring about what other people think. It takes a long time learning to take a picture when passersby might be wondering what the heck you are doing. Even asking that question. On the other hand, two women saw me taking “Triplets… Yellow” on the way back from Sunday’s second line. One asked a good question. “The car or the sign?” I replied, “The car, the sign and the wall.” I showed them the picture in the camera’s LCD. They were very happily impressed. They wondered how I could see like “that.” I wonder too. A gift, I guess.

There other two most interesting pictures to me are “White on White” and “Tuba Circles.” The first is just hard to see. The little bit of blue on circular that is stuffed in the screen door handle is a nice little highlight. I just like the shape of the tuba.

Lesson. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe just a reinforcement to be mindful of where you are on the way to some place else. I wasn’t really looking for any of these pictures. They just sort of happened.


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