MGMGD 5502

Glowing, Krewe of Zulu on Mardi Gras Day, Central City, New Orleans,

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      • I think people do like faces in general. (But do not forget the natural American ‘race bias’ ! sorry … I had to say that.) I myself prefer images that are a little chaotic, that is why I so love your blurred photos.


      • I’m not sure what that means. Who’s racist? Me? Or the rest of America? All I know is what they taught me in PhD school. All art is autobiographical. (No, I’m not black but my people were pretty much beaten up in Russia and I like music with a beat and bright color.) About 90% of an artwork’s meaning is brought by the viewer.


      • I apologize Ray, not you, I didn’t mean you, but this country has not yet come out IN FULL from under its racist past, that is what I meant. It is only my personal opinion, and observation. Prejudice takes different forms in other countries.
        I agree about the 9o%, well maybe 75%, but that meaning comes from the viewer’s deep-seated point of view. I also agree about autobiographical, that is why ‘preaching art’ is so worthless.
        Peace… The future holds promises perhaps.


      • No apology needed. This country will probably never fully change. Look at all the controversy that singer Beyonce created when she sang her new song at the Super Bowl.


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