Yorkie on alert.
Yorkie on alert.

I don’t know what happened to the original post. Once again, WordPress and its quirks got me. I’ve about had enough with this crappy software and its needed work arounds. I won’t let me see to edit if I need to replace even a single word. So, if you see any of this it’s just dumb luck.

I do not remember what I wrote. It was something about the Krewe of Barkus and the dogs on parade. So, I cannot duplicate it. As far as I’m concerned, the theme of this parade “From the Dog House to The White House,” was not smart. Even though the parade poster did not use red, white and blue, just about everybody who dressed their dogs in that theme did. It says a lot about the creativity, or lack of, in Southeast Louisiana. There. I said it. Our dogs were dressed in either multi-colors or green, purple and gold. Mardi Gras colors. Actually, they weren’t dressed. They were spray painted with stage makeup that is suitable for their skin. Application is much easier than trying to dress them. And, it washes off with normal doggie shampoo.

And, that’s the story.

I’m going to start shopping for another way to host Storyteller. Hopefully, once I find it I can take you with me.


16 Replies to “Dogs”

  1. I did not see this post called DOGS, but it did not give me an error message either ! I’Il try again later… PS: snowstorm here has been dumping snow since Saturday night! highs in the low 30s, for a couple of hours at mid-day… lows below freezing… ghrrrhh !


  2. Now I am super-envious of all your dogs, Ray !!! I always desired to have a Poodle, but never did. Scottish Terriers were my dream dogs since I was 10 in Italy in the 50s. I finally had them in California 1998 to 2013. But I am no longer able to take care of a dog… cats are easier on my bones … and Paladin is here demanding to be fed something special. Bye!


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